I really don’t know where to start

Have you ever had an idea and the thought: “I really don’t know where to start?” slipped your mind? When I visited the Coffee Morning at the Hub and we spoke about catching your dreams and turning them into solid plans. Without a plan, you will become a part of someone’s plan, is a saying I use often.  At the end of the meeting, one of the women came up to me:  “Mariëlle, this conversation is about plans and my friend and me, we really have no idea where to start. We have no clue. We are lost.”


And I so recognized this feeling. I remember when the period when I was out of a job. My world scringed into my apartment and the supermarket. I felt it was hard to stay in touch with my friends because they all worked during the daytime and had busy and exciting lives. I had no idea where to go or what to do next. And I really did not know where to start. No idea which action or step could take me more towards my ambitions. And my ambitions shrank big time. Up to a point that I had no ambitions left. The was a phase when I thought I could do anything. I would take any job just to keep me busy. Just to get out of the house and stop worrying.

I felt totally lost and did not know how to get out of the situation or where to start. And got very insecure because I felt totally lost. I felt like a fully puffed puffer fish. You must know a puffer pish puffs when he is very afraid. This is what happened to me as well. Fear made me freeze and do nothing. I knew:  If I do nothing, everything will stay the same. But, it also took me a while to find someone who was the right person to talk to. I just needed someone who was able to ask me the right questions and get my brains going.


This is exactly why I designed the “Catching your dreams” event. Because I think everybody needs a moment where you can just zoom in to your dreams and desires. To see what really makes you feel alive. Everyone deserves a moment in which you can talk to someone who will listen and who will actually get you started. Support you in taking the first steps or hand you an insight which will help you further. Or at least get your brains ticking. It should be possible for everyone to have someone to talk to who is able to get you started once you feel lost. If this is what you want, this is your event. You can easily book your seat here.

Begin 2019 with a boost and join in. For you, if you are on the lookout and in need of new inspiration. Because you want to know where to focus on if you want to turn your plans into reality or want new ideas to get you going. Get acquainted with solid techniques and proven methods to turn your plans into reality. It is all possible during this event. Get inspired. Book your session today. You can do it here

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