Rejection, it feels like a punch in the face every time

In one of the conversations I had lately this came up: “Mariëlle, every rejection, no matter how small, it feels like a punch in the face. This makes my application process so exhausting for me. I keep trying over and over again and nothing seems to work out.

But when I redirected with: “I know this feeling and it is something that comes together with being on in a carer change or job search.”, she – being international – looked up at me surprisingly. She had the feeling these disappointments only belonged to Internationals. I remember being in a career-changing period and I had the feeling I was just struggling along from one rejection to another and nothing positive happening in between. It felt like living in a small world, without nothing rewarding to look forward to. Until  I realized: Landing a new job after relocating or resuming your career after a period of absence takes time and energy. Disappointments are part of the process. And I am the only one who can influence my own path. How to deal with continuously rejections? Here are my tips on how to deal with disappointments:

A rejection is not meant personally

If a rejection usually is not a personal thing. It usually is a business decision, so don’t take it personally.  Perhaps it means your profile did not match the requirements or you had great competition. Perhaps you just applied to the wrong vacancy, but wanted to give it a try. If a rejection really feels like a punch in the face, a real disappointment, you are probably taking this too seriously. This is why I support my clients in building a profound and solid job search strategy and improve their chances by being pro-active in their job search. If you want to learn more about this, be sure to contact me to find out more or listen to the Facebook interview I will be on February 11 – 11:00 Hrs.

Accept the disappointment and decide on your next step

Giving yourself a moment to accept the disappointment is fine. But after allowing yourself this moment, it is also time to move on. Actively approach and ask a company why they rejected you might help you to make changes in your job search strategy. Sameness breathes sameness, if you don’t change a thing, you will end up getting the same results.

Find yourself a job search buddy

You are not alone in this and finding job hunting buddies for support will help you. Because a job search buddy will help you to keep moving forward.

I believe in the power of connection and the power of together. My job searches only became successful because I had people around me who supported me by pushing forward great opportunities and advised me on who to talk to while at the same time telling me: “You are going to do great, you can do it.

One last note: Being on a job hunt in the Netherlands isn’t that bad at all. Today I read an article in the newspaper about job openings in India at the railways. They received 24 million applications for 90.000 jobs. This means your chances of a job in the Netherlands aren’t that bad, right?

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