3 Powerful ways to tune in to your New Career

Last week I hosted a workshop in which we worked with 3 powerful ways to tune in to your new Career. I showed the participants how they can make a start with their desired Career Change. I am so enthusiastic about the content, that I decided to share these valuable information with you in a blog. Because you can do it too!

Let’s take a look at the workshop of last week. I shared these 3 valuable steps to tune in to your desired Career Change

Visualize your Career Change

One of the most powerful instruments for making a change is visualization.  We zoomed into our Career Dreams using a visualization exercise. I recorded the exercise for you to listen to it again.  And again, if necessary. You will find the full recording here. Answering the questions in this exercise will help you paint a clear picture of your career dreams.

Share your Story

The participants got the chance to share their story right away. Right that minute. Sharing your story is another powerful instrument to make your dreams come true. This is going to give you valuable insight on how others perceive your ideas and dreams AND don’t forget that we all love giving tips and advice to others. Therefore, sharing your story is going to bring you useful tips and advice in order to continue making your dreams come true.

Change your behaviour

In this exercise we used the MapsTell method to get a bit more insight into our behaviour. But, of course, we cannot use it now. What you can do is answering these questions:

  1. What kind of behaviour did I show most frequently the last few months?
  2. How did this make you feel?
  3. What kind of behaviour do you want to leave behind today?
  4. What kind of behaviour do you want to show more often in the coming months?

I love using the floormat and the MapsTell method! It gives instant insight into your behaviour. While using the mat, you gain immediate insight in how far away you desired behavioural change is. If you would like to learn more about this method or how it can help you accelerate your career, please contact me. Or sign up in the special Accelerate-your-career-email-list here and be the first to know when a new event is planned.

As I mentioned, during the workshop, doing this exercises only once is not going to change your career immediately. Repetition is the key to change. Really aligning yourself to your dreams and keeping busy with the change you desire at all times is going to finally deliver results. I believe all of you own the talents to make a difference in this world. It is up to you to decide how you want to use them.

The workshop gave me lots of inspiration for future events. There’s one I would like to share with you immediately.

If you want practical tips and insight in how the job market works AND on how to approach it in a way that is going to create your success, I invite you to the Get Ready! Career Connection Kick Starter event on Wednesday March 7th – 19:00h at the Hub Eindhoven. In 2,5 hours I am going to answer all your questions related to your Career Challenges and your job search. I created this Get Ready!: Career Connection KickStarter event to help you out to make a Kick Start in your Career wishes and job search. This is an event for you if these are the questions you struggle with:

  • How can I stand out in the crowd?
  • What are the new trends in applying?
  • What are employers looking for?
  • How should my cv, LinkedIn profile & motivational letter look?
  • Brand yourself in the current labour market – How can I make the difference?
  • How important is networking for me?





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