When are you going to pick up the phone?

Phone calls are an influential instrument and yet lots of job seekers don’t use it in their job search. If I mention phone calls to job seekers, nine out of ten times they ask me: “Can I just call?” My reply:”Why not?” Since I noticed this again during the Career Connection Consultation hours, I decided to write a blog about it.

Three reasons why you should pick up the phone during your job search:

It is hard to ignore a phone call

An email is really easy to ignore or just leave it in your inbox, a phone call isn’t. When you reach someone by phone, they have to listen to you. You cannot hang up without a good reason. It is truly a lot harder to say no to someone once you’ve reached them. When is the last time you did this yourself? Exactly, if someone asks me a question over the phone, it is a lot harder for me to say “no”.

You want to hear if you are a fit for the job offered

This tip follows the previous one. A phone call before sending in your application is going to give you the insight if this is the job you are after. Applying is a two-way street, which means you want to find out if this is the right company or position for you. After reading a vacancy, you probably have a few questions already. Pick the best one and see if you can get the hiring manager or recruiter on the phone.

And by the way:

Published vacancies are often not complete. They lack contact details, names or other important details. The information you need to send in a perfect application. Perhaps you are not sure the organisation hires non-Dutch speakers and the job description really got your attention and suits your profile. You want to know this before spending hours on your application. Which means there is always a good reason to call upfront.

Make the first impression to your new employer

How great is this, make a good first impression before you even entered the door? This is what a phone call can do. It shows you motivated and interested. This is why you want to have your own story present when you pick up the phone. Calling also means getting questions. Often it involves a short talk about yourself and your work experience. This is your time to shine! Preparing a 2 minutes introductory story is a great thing to do before calling.

If you don’t use the phone in your current job finding, it is time to ask yourself why.

I know, making the call can be a horrifying thing, especially if you are an introvert (O jee, the phone rings, what should I do with it?). Even if you are an introvert, this is possible and doable. If you want to know how don’t hesitate to contact me to find how I can help you.

If you read this blog and think: “Right, everyone does this. Why should I even bother to try? All the hiring managers and recruiters know job seekers are going to call. Where is the advantage?

Because only a small percentage of the job seekers applies this technique. Loads of applicants know they should do it and still they don’t. Show the guts and courage to do it, is going to deliver.

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