Networking: The Side Door – YOUR quickest way in

Why use the side door if you can use the front one? Well, as it comes networking and finding a new job, the side door is going to be your best chance to get a spot at the interview table. This was stated by LinkedIn Benelux Frontman Marcel Molenaar in the Dutch newspaper recently. And I totally agree. We all know the power of networking and how to use it in our daily life. It seems that we lose this skill as it comes to using your network effectively in your job search or career change.

This week I met Alex and he stated to me: “I am not going to ask people in my network for a job. I cannot do that.” No, of course, you are not going to ask your network for a job. Networking is all about using your network effectively and in a meaningful way to deliver a job offer or referral to you. Your professional and personal network is the best way ever to ace the job you desire. Here are 3 tips to gain lots of people to think along with you during your job search and career change.

Networking = Being precise: Let people know EXACTLY what you are looking for

When I met Lena and she told me: “Everyone knows I am looking, I can’t keep telling them I am still on the lookout. They can pass opportunities through to me.”  I asked her: “And does everyone know what kind of job you are looking for exactly?”  It suddenly went quiet. If you want to make use of your network, you have to tell them what you are looking for. A vague question (“a job”) is going to deliver a vague answer (or none at all). Networking is all about telling people exactly about the things you want to do in your next job and what you are good at. This will deliver great tips for suitable positions. Or great advise on where you should be on the lookout.

Networking = Getting to know the people who have the job you desire

Being the new bee in town or on the job market will bring the desire to grow a local network. What I hear often:  “But I don’t have a network!” No, but you can grow one. Even as an introvert, you can do it. Social media, like LinkedIn and FB, are great tools to find out who currently is holding a position you would like to be in. It is super easy to find out if you have someone in your network who can connect you to the company you wish to work for. And don’t worry if you lack these connections, sending a personal note with the reason WHY you would love to connect is going to deliver. Have trouble deciding what to write or how to make a networking action plan? My new event Empower your network will support you. Find out all about it here. Or schedule a FREE strategy call to find how I can help you.

The main thing you should realize: Lots of people love to help others, so why not help you? Also, lots of people love talking about their work, why not give them the opportunity to tell you all about it? Ask and you will get an answer.

Networking = keeping people posted on new developments

When getting involved in networking, you should know that your second-degree network is the network where the opportunities will come from. These are the people connected to everyone you directly know. This means it is important to keep your first-degree network up-to-date on your career and job search developments. You don’t have to be nagging Nancy who is constantly complaining about the way your job search develops. You can be enthusiastic Ellen who tells her friends all about the actions you took, the positive steps you’ve made and the surprising things you found out during your search in just a few minutes while having a great latte macchiato or cappuccino together. Celebrate and share your successes is a way of keeping everybody up-to-date.

I know a job finder who is making a big career turn and he sends an update to his network by email every 3 months. A personal newsletter. A message in which he told everyone what he did the last few months to develop himself further and what his biggest discoveries where. Every three months he could be more precise about what was aiming for in a new career. It gave me and the rest of his network the opportunity to think along with him. And this is what you want as well.

Now perhaps this is not the way you want to approach the networking part of your career change or job search, but you still have no idea on how to handle the networking part. This is why I designed the event GET READY!  Empower and grow your network. To support you in getting ready and grow your network on the spot. Follow this link to read all about it on Eventbrite and reserve your seat today!


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