My job search is elevated by knowing who I am!

Don’t you think this is going to elevate your job search? Wouldn’t it be great if you could tell people in a few sentences what your greatest talents are? And how you achieve results in your job?  Yes and you want to tell people about your biggest strengths, but you really don’t know what they are. Next to this you don’t know where to start finding out what those strengths are. If this is applicable to you, keep reading! This blog contains 2 tips on how to make a start on answering the questions: “Who am I?andWhat can I offer?“.

Last week I hosted a workshop on the subject “What’s your added value?” – how to write a fruitful personal profile on your cv. During the workshop I noticed how hard it was for participants to answer the question: “What can you offer?”. Reason enough to dive into this subject and write a blog about it.

What can you offer?

If you ask me:
To answer the question: What can you offer? – you first need to know who you are and what your biggest strengths and qualities are. Hard questions to answer. I saw people struggle with it in the workshop with divers reasons. Let’s name a few of them: “I never looked into this subject”, “How do I know who I am?”, “In my country it was all about stacking up degrees”,  modesty and “I never had to tell about my strengths and qualities”. Is one of them recognisable for you?

This is a subject where cultural differences come in; In the hiring process we Dutchies like to connect with you! Based on your degrees we believe you have the knowledge, based on your background we know you are a hard worker. You moving over here shows you are flexible and are able to adapt to new environments. We want to know if you connect with USUS being the company culture and the team you are going to work with. And this requires knowledge of your biggest strengths and on how you interact with others.

Let me give you 2 tips on how to make a start on this subject:

Tip 1 – Ask your friends and (former) co-workers; Accomplices in your job search!

What do they state as your best qualities? Why do think these are your best qualities?

And if you are looking for tips on new direction in your job search, ask them: What kind of job they think is a good fit for you?

You can send people an email in which you ask them to answer these questions or have a coffee with them, make it fun! Recently I read an article which stated – based on research – that your friends and people near you see your best qualities and opportunities better then you do. It is interesting to hear the suggestions. You can follow up on good suggestions and leave the one that don’t suit you behind. My experience is that doing this increases self esteem and helps you to pinpoint you biggest strengths better than trying to find out all of this on your own.

Tip 2 – Fill in an personality questionnaire: Get to know yourself!

Answering the questions gives you a representation of you finest soft skills or the behaviour you show. Keep in mind to fill out the questionnaires within the context of a working situation. There are several free tests available online, I personally like, or I love, unfortunately they do not suplly free tests.

You can use the top 3 of soft skills applicable to you in your personal profile on your cv and in you LinkedIn summary. Think about the way you use those soft skills in you day to day job to get results and how they help you to be successful. Think about examples that show you use this qualities and strengths in your work.

Please let me know how did it go! I would love to hear your experience! You can leave a comment beneath this post or sent me an email!

Practise these tips and you will get closer to success!

During the workshop on Friday explained how to use the gathered information into a fruitful personal profile on your cv or on in your LinkedIn summary. I am going to unlock this information to you too!

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GOOD LUCK with your job search!

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