Do you know that washing windows can help your job search?

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Ok, this is not a blog about doing household work, it is about clearing your head. Keep reading if you are looking for a new perspective on your job search or your start as an entrepreneur.

Need for a new perspective.

If you are like me, always put the barrel high for yourself, you get stuck sometimes. Personally, I can get too focused on my own work and cannot see the progress I am making. While taking a lot of steps everyone else around me seems very clear. I remember being the frustrated job applicant, sending out many good applications with a splendid resume and getting none or little response. I was doing all the right things. At least, from my point of view. In job interviews, I was trying to convince people to hire me. I heard myself thinking: “Why can’t people see what I mean?” And of course, the disappointment was there every time I got a rejection. I needed a new perspective. It was time to clear my window.

Clear the windows, clear your head.

While I was cleaning my windows last week, I again realised that it really helped me to see things more clear. Not only literally; it cleared my head. While washing off the dirt gathered the last few months, I could feel the tension of two really busy days pulling away from my body. I gained a different perspective at a workshop I hosted that week, and I could see the progress I am making in my business very clear. And I got great ideas for supper that evening. I gained confidence in everything that kept me busy that week.

The clear view.

After cleaning the windows, I noticed that our garden suddenly looked a lot greener, I saw birds picking our raspberries, and our grapes look a lot bigger now than before. Earlier, in my job search, washing the windows made me realise I was trying too hard. I had to let it go: Writing many applications was not going to deliver an invitation to an interview. I was only going to get the invitation if everything matched and looked splendid. My profile, resume and cover letter had to be a real invitation to the employer.

They were only going to hire me for this awesome freelance job if I showed my real self during the job interview, was consistent in my behaviour and could tell enthusiastic about my accomplishments.

How did this new view help me?

This new view helped me to change my behaviour. It made me cut back the number of applications I was sending out, I got out to talk to people about my possibilities, asked feedback on my resume & motivational letter (and trust me, even an HR-professional like me can improve on that point!). I got the one job I desperately wanted, finally. Last week, cleaning the windows gave me a new perspective and confidence in everything I am doing and want to show to the world.

If you are feeling tired or frustrated of applying, start cleaning your windows! Leave a comment if you want to share your news insights, I’d love to hear them!  

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