Good news: Summer is over! Time to make change in your career!

Autumn has started and a new season is a new start for new opportunities. Is this really good news to you?
Or does it emphasize on the fact that you are the job hunter?
Perhaps realisation kicked in during the holidays: It is really time to make a change in your career: You are really working in the wrong place.

I sincerely hope you see the positive side of all this.

Why? Because the only one who can make change is you!

Changing is pretty hard, especially if you don’t know where to start! I’ll give you three ways on how to make a start and change today.

Summer is a natural moment to reflect on your working life. It is natural to wonder if you still fit to what you do on a daily basis or where the future is going to take you. Reflection sounds wonderfully soothing. It’s like popping up, like finding an oasis discovered in the midst of all the restlessness. But do not mistake it: it can be very confrontational. Reflection makes you see and feel everything, also or especially the things that do not go well.

Reflection can expand and show you the things you want to change more clear. It can show you that you are bothered by the way your days are filled in. That does not feel right, does it? This feeling of being bothered and unsatisfied. That’s very good, even if it does not feel that way. You need this feeling to make change. The things you do not like: you want to change, right? And this leads to action! So embrace this moment and enjoy it: Now is the time to make change! Now it’s time to create your own Business Model YOU! build and give yourself the attention you deserve!

I get tired of setting myself a lot of goals and making well defined plans. Goals become a “must do” for me and hand over a lot of pressure. Pressure does not help me to deliver my utmost. Instead of setting myself new goals: I set myself new wishes and desires. What is my biggest desire? My biggest wish? This works better for me. Do I make well defined plans: YES, I do make plans, I set deadlines, but I keep room for creativity and free time. If I am not charged and energized to full fill my desires, it is not going to happen.

How to do this? Make Change?

Here are 3 steps to help you:

Change your routines – Change your rhythm

If you change nothing, everything is going to stay the same? Agree?
A small change in your routine, can make a big difference. Dedicated time for work or growing you network is going to help you. Structure helps to change routines and build new rhythms.
If you change something, you have to stick to the new routine for a while, otherwise change is not going to last. What is the routine you would love to change most, today?

Let’s do some examples here:

  • My biggest desire is to work on my career more structured, because it is going to fulfil my wish to help others / be successful / have fun and be cheerful / to work with others.
  • My biggest desire is to start my own business, because it is going to fulfil my wish to schedule my own time/ help others with their social media / to expand my expertise / feel useful and needed.

You can do this by planning 2 or 3 dedicated moments per week to work on your career. Stick to this moments and define what you want to do in this moment. Define your career goals? Grow your network? It is all possible. You just have to start.

And every time you worked on it: Celebrate and share this moment!

And every time it gets hard, remember your desire and remember your wish!

Hang out with a different crowd – Try something new

A different crowd is going to give you new insights. Do you wonder: How am I going to find this new crowd? There are lots of places to go to and lots of events you can visit. Use Eventbrite or Meetup or local community websites to find out what’s happing in your town. Sign up for something you love to do and just go there. Meeting new people is making new connections.

Want to use this for your career? Find out where the people are you want to connect to. Social media gave us the opportunity to see what events people are visiting. Linkedin gives you the opportunity to see who is working for the employers you would like to work for. And even if the company is totally Dutch, people love to talk about their work, don’t feel shy to connect to them. If you are trying to get back into the workforce after a GAP, it is time to talk to people in your area of expertise to find out what they advise you to do.

And trying something new is always difficult and always feels exciting of weird in the beginning. Remember: if you don’t do it now, you’re probably never going to do it. And after you’ve done it for the first time, it is going to be an addiction: you find out you can do this, it is not weird or frightening, it is fun!

During the launch of Career Connection last week I noticed some great examples of networking. A Greek artist connected to a Dutch photographer with connections in the Art Business – they will go and visit the Van Gogh Museum in Nuenen next week. A French project manager connected to a woman from Iran in the same area of expertise looking for a job. I am sure they are going to stay in touch or have a coffee. These connections could happen because of the fact these people did something new, they joined this event.

Stay charged!

Did you disconnect this summer? Did you take a break from everything, even social media? We all know it: It is good to take a break! A break from everything, your daily routines and everything else, especially the screens we are on all day.

Allow yourself to do totally nothing for at least half an hour per day. Disconnect every now and then, be offline and enjoy real life. Allow yourself to be bored sometimes and allow yourself to take a break, during the day, during the week.

Do you have trouble defining where you are today and where you want to go? Perhaps the workshop Business Model YOU! can help you to find out.

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