You have the feeling you are not using your full potential in your professional life. You want to increase your own career success, influence your own career path and leverage all you have to offer. But where to start?

Join the Catch your Dream day and start making powerful choices and make the change you are longing for.

What this day will bring you: 

  • A moment to reflect and stimulate you to deep dive in every aspect that is needed to make the change you desire.
  • It will force you to take a look at your habits, your beliefs, your way of working. And decide what things you would like to change.
  • Find out what does not serve you anymore in designing your professional life.
  • It will stimulate you to take action. To no only look at the desired change, put you in the action mode. Not next month, not tomorrow, but today.

I know how difficult it is to start the change you are longing for, to feel that you are holding back. To know that you want to make a change and have no idea where to start. I did it myself for a very long time and ended up being passive and feeling unsatisfied.  This is why designed this program for you – so you don’t have to go the struggle I went through to design my own professional life.

Joining the Catch your dreams day means you will start living your own true potential tomorrow.

Are you ready to go for it?


Reflect on:

  • What things really make you blossom (in life and work)?
  • What are you going to do the coming period?
  • What would you love to do more of?
  • What do you want to leave behind?
  • What are you good at?
  • What is it that you would love to learn?

People who have a plan give more direction to their lives. Wouldn’t it be great to have your plan with your desires, goals and wishes ready?

To take matters into your own hands and start living your dreams? There will always be challenges that will test your plans, but you know your plan will give you focus and a purpose.

If you feel the need and wish to reflect and make yourself a plan that suits you, then the Catch your Dreams  day is designd for you. Together with others, you will make yourself a plan for work and life. A plan that suits you, that works for you. 


In 1 day we will catch your dreams on paper and I will hand you a practical and proven method to turn your dreams into a workable plan that suits you. It is a great way to start living up to your potential. Instead of letting it be.

It is a well-known fact that once you shared your ideas or ambitions, they are more likely to come true. I firmly believe in partnerships and this workshop is your first steps towards a powerful partnership with yourself and others. It is the first step to make your dreams become truth.

The results of this day:

  • A solid & workable plan for the coming year
  • Easy to use and re-useable worksheets to take home.
  • A chance to build powerful partnerships
  • Real me-time: This your moment and only for you!
  • Make use of the professional knowledge of a Career Coach

For many years I had many dreams and I was waiting for the moment to make them come true. I was wondering why no-one stepped forward and said: “Mariëlle, I will help you to make this wonderful dreams come true.” Until I realized: I am keeping all my dreams to myself, if I never share them, nobody is able to help or support me. And, I also realized: The right time is never going to come if I – myself – don’t get to work.

I started to entrust my dreams to a piece of paper and noticed it gave me clarity, it gave me the confidence to start sharing them with others. Step by step I saw changes happening in my life, saw myself making steps forward I never believed were possible.

You have to know: I hate working with strict deadlines and goals. To have a super strict schedule I have to keep. I like to see things organically grow, work at my own pace and improvise a bit and work with desires and wishes that will fulfil me.

But, confiding my dreams to a piece of paper, made a change. Something started to move and grow when I started to share my dreams, they got shaped into a plan. And the beautiful thing of it all was, I could set my own goals and deadlines, I felt a strong desire to live up to them. And it is so rewarding to see my plans become reality. Since then I say YES, YES to having a plan of where I want to go and a solid plan of where to go. It gives me focus and structure. It makes me able to say YES or NO to requests or offers. It helps me to stay balanced and let things grow in my own pace and with my full attention.

And what really drives me is helping people to find their own way in their professional lives and this is why I want to share all my knowledge with you. To help you to achieve your full potential.

This is what this day can do for you.
Are you ready to move forward now?

Press the button below and secure your seat today. 

Practical stuff:

November 1 , 2019 – 10:00 – 16:00 hrs

Location: Student hotel, Stationsweg 1, Eindhoven