The day I decide to bet on my business!

On a cold February day I came home from work with this on my mind: “Yes, I like my job, I help people to achieve their best and I feel exhausted. It does not give me satisfaction and I feel locked up in the expectations of my employer. If I could just relax for half an hour, I will feel better. And after this I can check my mailbox to see if there are new messages from clients. Or perhaps new signups for my workshop Personal Mapping.”

You must know that I was hosting workshops and coached people next to having a parttime job.

Before I knew it I was working to late that evening. I told my husband; “I have to quit my job, it does not satisfy me, it exhausts me, I’ll get a burn out if I go on this way.” And he says, “Yes, do it, hand in your resignation. This is not the first time in the last six months that you come home and tell me this. And if you can afford it, why not? You can always get back to work for an employer, if you now have the opportunity to boost your own business, you should do it, it is probably an one time offer. ” And of course; He wanted me to see me happy, instead of having a burn out.

I knew that I was going beyond my limits, both physically and mentally, and I deep inside I felt that there’s only one thing I could do: choose my own path, redesign and boost my own business. Give room to what I love to do most. And just that one comment from my husband was all I needed to follow my heart and hand in my resignation.

Everyone around me tells me I am brave, that it shows courage while for me it was the only right thing I could do. It will always be like that: the day I decided to bet on my business was the day I helped myself to achieve my full potential.

What do you need to choose your own path and achieve your full potential?

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