How small changes have a big impact

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Today  I had a coaching call with Ahmed. And this became one of the calls that make me love my work even more. Let me tell you the full story.

About three months ago I met Ahmed. His employer offered him coaching to stimulate his personal growth.  Ahmed told me he is one of the best technicians within the company and is keen to keep this status for the coming years. Next to being a supportive and nice guy to work with. But he experienced big-time management issues. Add a lack of motivation to this and you have a clear view of his status back then. His work was not as exciting as it used to be anymore.  


Ahmed told me his to-do list was extensively growing and growing and he was running more than far behind on technical issues he had to solve. Furthermore, he believed he was not offering the youngsters within the team the opportunity to grow technical because he was not present to support this growth and support them in taking on the responsibility. He lost the overview – completely. He lost satisfaction and got demotivated.

And he also told me this was going on for quite some time right now. He felt he was not living up to his own expectations and was not able to come back on track on his own. So we spoke about strategies and daily routines he could change and he said he was going to get started with it. He was coming up with wonderful and easy solutions which would be a great start to solve his time-management issue. To come back to our second meeting without making any changes. Not even one. NONE.


“I don’t think I feel the urgency to take action”, is what he told me. “I am procrastinating and I don’t know why. I think I am just not willing and ready yet to make the change needed. And I just don’t want to say NO to people, I want to be mister nice guy.” So I asked him: “But if there is no willingness and no readiness on your end, where does this leave your ambition to keep the title best (and nicest) technician within the company? I don’t mind if things stay the same, but how about you?”

We spoke about the perspective of losing the title of the best technician. A title he really did not want to lose. “So what does it take to become ready and willing to change.”, is what I asked him. “I don’t know, I think I just have to start somewhere.”, is what Ahmed replied. During this session, he – again – defined his own actions to make the change. Small steps, baby steps. Realistic steps.


And today was D-day.  This was our third session and last session. Ahmed started out with mentioning: “Marielle, it isn’t as bad as last time!”, followed by telling me the changes he made. For 2 days a week, he changed his desk location at the office – blocked his calender and started working his big to-do list. He got rid of loads of issues, an he was back to having an overview and feels he balanced his workload. And you know what he told me:  “Mariëlle, I forgot about the satisfaction ticking things off your to-do list gives. It is so much more than just shorting the list. My mind is at rest, I am able to be really present in supporting the youngsters. And I see that they are picking up the responsibility, which offers me the opportunity to focus on my own tasks and responsibility. It even means I can be actively involved in meetings again and really contribute. I have not felt like this in a while and I did not realize how much I missed it. The overview of my workload is back. I feel satisfied, motivated and energized again.”

 “What was the point of no return?” I asked him. “Mariëlle, our last conversation was embarrassing to me. That someone of my age and experience is not able to pull this change off – I could not let that happen.” And planning this third call with me was his insurance – he needed this call to pull this off.  


And guess what? Ahmed finished our talk by stating how surprised and amazed he is by the big impact of the small changes he made. The results and a renewed feeling of fulfilment are so encouraging that he is super motivated to keep these new habits. In just 4 weeks he was able to pull this off. And you know what?  If he can do it, you can do it as well.

Yes, I know this is easier said than done. Sometimes you get stuck in your own perspectives and thoughts. It happens to me as well. And it is OK to ask for help when you need it. In just 3 coaching sessions Ahmed was able to make powerful choices to change his way of working and get motivated again. He was taking charge over his own career path again.

I see it happen all the time. Clients like Ahmed come in and they feel they lost control, lack energy and feel demotivated – they have no idea how to make the change needed and they think they want to change jobs. Which is often not the solution, you take your habits with you, no matter where you go. It is just a matter of choice: A matter of being ready and willingly ready to open the door to change.

It amazes me how often clients come in after just a few sessions and tell me: “I feel so much better already and the changes I’ve made have so much impact. I am totally impressed, this is beyond my expectations. Thank you Mariëlle.”


And because I think this is possible for you as well, I designed the special laser coaching package for you. Especially for you if you want to make powerful choices and be in charge of your own career path again within just a few months.

3 months, 3 sessions  – Boost your confidence – increase your impact. Find your own way to achieve your full potential.

Start with making the change today en book your free introductory call today.


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