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What would your answer be to the question:  “What comes first: you or your job title?” I hope you answer is: I come first! This means you are able to brand yourself! And it means you can answer the question: “Can you tell me a bit more about yourself?” One of the most asked questions in networking conversations and job interviews. An important question, because 80% of the jobs in the Netherlands is found through networking.

What is Branding Yourself?

This week I saw an short movie of Beth Comstock (Vice Chair at GE) in which she asked people this question and I saw the enormous amount of replies she got. Like someone replied: “It is such a great question! Being jobless does not mean you’re nothing and does not make titleless”. Being without a job really makes you think about how you want to introduce yourself to others. It implies that you are ready to look beyond job titles and can describe your personal strengths and qualities. And this is THE start to build your own personal brand.

I know and see people with great titles like: “Pitch queen” and “Pearl diver” and it really adds value. And we all know Oprah and what she stands for,  don’t we? In a blink of an eye others see where they add value and get an impression of what they do. Add a website or a smashing LinkedIn Profile to it and BAMM; people are attracted to it or they’re not. Which makes it very easy to decide if you want to do business with this person. And I believe finding a job is nothing more or less then doing business together. It is a 2-way street AND you want it to be like this. You are worth it!


Never choose someone who needs to think twice about choosing you.


I can see you wonder:how can I make a start with finding my own brand?” In my blog My job search is elevated by knowing who I am! In this blog you will find tips on how to make a start with finding your biggest strengths and qualities. And often it is like this: “What we’re called by others is more important, and often more accurate, than what we call ourselves.” And this means: We’re back to networking again.

How to Brand Yourself: Start NOW!

If you did not yet invest time or money to discover your own personal brand, NOW is the time to start! If you did not yet invest time or money into networking: NOW is the time to start. If you did not yet invest any time or money to get to know the basics of applying in the Netherlands: NOW is the time to start. You know it: to achieve your full potential, you feel you need to start right now. To grow yourself this spring and to bloom this summer. You feel you need to GET READY!

This is why I designed the Career Connection Kick Starter Boot Camp on March 7th. In 2,5 hours I will give you all the tips you need to give your job search a kick start. We will tune in into all you need to know to kick start your job search. Choose now and join in today: GET READY! Brand Yourself in NL & Kick Start Your Career!

The first step is to get insight into everything you have to do to brand yourself in NL.

To define your steps.

To find answers to the questions your struggle with.

Questions like:

  • How can I stand out in the crowd?,
  • How can I make the difference
  • How important is networking for me?

Joining the Career Connection Kick Starter Boot camp will give you all the answers.


This is a special note to the 68% of the people in NL who are not happy in their current job: Joining this workshop will give you a heads up in finding a job that will make you happy.


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