Are you social, not only on Social Media?

How can being social help you gain credits in your job search or in building your business? In a lot of ways. I remember the friendly gentlemen who helped me to carry my bick rack up the stairs last week better then the last invitation I accepted on one of my social media channels (sorry for that if you are my newest connection!). You can make a difference by being social in building your own business or your job search!

But how do you gain credits by being social? Just by being there and be kind. As stated in an article on human beings cannot do without some kind of social contact. Good behaviour treats you well, I believe in the fact that whoever does good meets well.   I am more willing to do a favour to someone who helped me out once then to someone who connects to me online and straight away tells me what kind of opportunities she’s looking for, don’t you? I’d rather do someone a favour or buy something in a place where someone treats me well. I am not so keen on doing something for someone who always reacts shagely to me.

Another fact is that the use of social media makes us more asocial. The founders of social media want you to keep using it, for some people it even turns into an addiction. For some people the use of social media is really a “must do”, every day. Recently I read multiple stories about people who did some kind of social media detox. They report results as: “it gave me more focus, because there was less distraction”, “I felt my attention span increasing and the length of time I could focus on one task was greatly improving.” All the more reason to use your social media wisely and log off regularly.

Can you do without social media in your job search or building your business? The answer is NO! Having a fruitful LinkedIn profile is a proven 30% higher success rate in your job search and is a good instrument in building your business. But use it the way you want to use it, you don’t want social media to take over your life. If you ask me: my clients find me on social media but still want to meet me in person or talk to me on skype before they decide to buy one of my services.

How can you be more social to gain credits with future employers or potential clients?

Here’s 3 tips on how you can do this:

Start Giving, in real life, not only on social media

It all starts with giving. If you start giving, you will be remembered. And give a lot. A genuine smile, a friendly face, a kind word, a compliment, a free product, your time, hold the door for someone, anything that feels good. Giving opens people up and it is so easy just to be kind. Nobody likes to be around Negative Nancy and it is proven that being social is good for your health, so why not try it?

The giving part can really give you a boost, on personal and business level.

Tackle your own reservations

Being insecure about your own qualities or having negative thoughts can influence your behavior. Perhaps it makes you less social as you want to be or are. If this is the case for you, try to think about 3 positive thoughts for every negative thought you have.

Not aware of your qualities? Think about the compliments you get, what are they for? What have you done in the last year that you are proud of? What positive impact to you have on other people’s lives?

And stop comparing yourself to someone else. You are your own unique self and comparing yourself to other makes less time to show your unique self. And in today’s job market or in building your business it is really important to show your own unique self, this is why people hire you or buy your products.

Be genuine

Welcoming body language and genuine interest in the someone’s story is important to get connected. Genuine interest is shown when you ask question on the story you’re told, it shows your interest in the other person. Fully engagement shows you are compassionate and makes more fulfilling and stimulating interactions with others. If you ask me, be genuine is a real important thing in networking and job interviews. This is what your relations look for.

70% of your presentation is body language. Welcoming body language is looking people in the eye, smile and look around in front of you instead of looking at the floor or standing in a corner with your arms crossed in front of you.

If you want to improve on this subject, please a look at my workshop: Network like the Dutch do, it covers all the subjects I talk about in this blog.

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