Be LinkedIn – Increase your success rate by 30%

Using LinkedIn is going to increase your chances to ace the job you desire by 30%. What? Yes, in the Netherlands it does. 7,2 million Dutchmen are on LinkedIn, which is 90% of the working crowd. The Dutch use this brilliant piece of software on average once a month. LinkedIn makes it relatively easy to grow a meaningful network, for now, AND for the rest of your working life. A local and international network. This is why I give you 5 valuable tips on how to use LinkedIn fruitfully. If I ask you the question: Are you Linked-In? Your answer should be: YES, I AM!

Have an all-star LinkedIn profile

The basis for a fruitful use of LinkedIn is an Excellent profile. While visiting your own profile, LinkedIn gives you suggestions on how to improve your profile to make it an all-star profile. Please use this information and build yourself an all-star profile. Or use the CAREER CONNECTION LINKEDIN CHECKLIST  to improve your profile.

Have an all-star profile before you start applying and growing your network

This struck me after the “Are you Linked-In?” workshop I hosted during the International Fair in Eindhoven. Lots of invitations I received were sent to me with incomplete LinkedIn profiles. I can handle this, participants were there to learn about LinkedIn and as a Career Coach, I help you to build a powerful profile. But take my advice on this: You don’t want to use the “Apply with LinkedIn button” OR send out a request to connect using an incomplete profile. Update your profile first, then start to apply and grow your network.
Updating your LinkedIn profile takes a time investment, it is a lot of work! You can have it ready in half a day, see my Presentation Check-Up Program and find out how.

Define your target list

To grow your network in a meaningful way, you have to have an idea of who you want to connect to. After you connected to former colleagues, your neighbours and sports mates, it is time to make a target list. A target list of companies AND people you really would like to connect to is going to help you to grow your network in your (desired) area of expertise AND are based in your desired working area. In the Just Arrived program I tell you how to define and find the companies and people you want to connect to.

Follow companies and be the first to know about new job openings

Nowadays companies train their employees to use LinkedIn as a PR instrument. Companies have company pages you can follow (this is why you need a target list). The LinkedIn Company page is often the first place where new job openings are posted. The second most used place is the timeline of employees or recruiters that work for the company. For employers, this is a cheap, plain and simple way to shout out they are looking for you. Another way to know about the most recent vacancies? Connect to the people you see as your new colleagues.

I give you one example: Yesterday I saw a vacancy popping up in my timeline that suits the profile of one of my clients perfectly. I send a LinkedIn message and got a reply: “I haven’t seen this vacancy published anywhere else yet.” Isn’t this great? A new job opportunity just opened up and probably loads of other people don’t know about it yet.

Be a regular

Who do you remember best in your network? Is the person who only visits the Dutch classes once in while? Or the person who is present every week? Exactly! This is why I want you to be a regular on LinkedIn, show people you are out there (in a positive way). Spending 10 to 15 minutes on LinkedIn a day is going to deliver. I am telling you this from personal experience and this is the feedback I get from clients. As a firm believer of handling your job search in a structured way and think these 15 minutes are a “must do” in your daily schedule.

I know building a powerful LinkedIn profile (and CV) takes time and can be a big struggle for lots of people. If you struggle with getting started with LinkedIn and would love to build a fruitful and powerful profile in just a couple of hours: Send me a personal message to find out if you are ready to concur the Dutch job market and get ready to kickstart your Career in just a few hours with a full presentation Check-Up.


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