Summer holidays: make it a successful job search period!

The summer holidays have arrived; are you going to put your job search into a lower gear or not?
You see no more new vacancies on the job sites, you think everyone who has a job is planning a trip, and you think no interesting networking events are planned. And your desire is to have a signed contract and to start your job on September 1st. How are you going to full fill this desire this summer holidays? Are you going to keep sending applications or just have a great park bbq with your friends who are in town? I’ll give you five tips to make this holiday period a fun & successful journey to a job!

1 – Do both – have the bbq and stay focused! 

You will have more focus on your desires if you take the time to have fun! So invite all your friends to a bbq in the park and have a good time! In the meanwhile, bring a stack of blank cards and ask them to write down your best qualities! Often they will tell your blind spots; the things that you are actually good at, but are not visible to you anymore. Awesome input for your personal profile, your resume and job interviews. Because this also is the answer to one of the most asked questions (What would your friends tell me about you?).

2 – Start making meaningful relationships.

Networking – you love it or you hate it. The summer holidays are fantastic to turn this hate into love! In this season the people who are going to be your new colleagues, have no big project deadlines and no stuffed agendas, they have the time to spend a free hour with you! And talk to you on a more personal level. Take the step and ask them to have this coffee together. Don’t forget to ask them what they advise you to do! People give great tips, and you don’t want to miss them!

3 – Get out of your comfort zone this summer holidays!

Take the time to visit the summer network events. Some of them never stop, and some others are held especially this summer holidays. I meet a lot of people who hate networking because of pusher frecklers who are only looking for sales or recruiters who have no real interest in you but only want to deliver as many candidates possible. The nightmare of everyone who likes to meet people; real people with time to talk human to human. This season is perfect for starting new interesting relationships. So start growing your network now, this period!

Visit the neighbourhood drinks & bbq’s, join yoga lessons in the park, look for business events that you have never been too, attend a free workshop at the social Friday of Seats2Meet Strijp S: step out of your comfort zone! Remember that every business slows down in summer. The people who are so busy that they never visit these events are probably the unexpected visitor of this event and perhaps your new best contact in your search for a job. Don’t forget to take your business cards!

4 – Invite a job search buddy and rewrite your application kit!

In your application kit should be:

  • An awesome resume (Dutch job market proof!)
  • A fantastic LinkedIn profile (increases your chances of a job with 30%)
  • A clear motivational letter with a personal touch (rewrite this for every application)
  • Your two minutes of fame: The answer to the question: “Can you tell me something about you?  

Summer holidays are perfect for inviting another job-finding friend to stimulate your journey to a new job. Plan a weekly appointment and work on your application kit. Do this in a super location and make it fun with food and drinks. Ask each other for feedback; this will only make your application kit better. While doing this, your friend will know exactly what you are looking for in a new job, and you probably will get good tips for great vacancies! 

In summer period sometimes there are published very interesting vacancies, and you want to be ready to apply. Many candidates are on holiday, so more changes for you to get in! So have your application kit ready or almost ready!

Have problems finding a job search buddy or find it difficult to boost your career? Find out if the Career Connection Kickstart event can help you out. 

5 – Apply to the jobs you are truly interested in!

This is an all year around tip: To create focus, stay focused and keep it fun I advise you to only apply to jobs you are indeed looking for. Applying is a lot of work if you do it in the right way. And by the right way I mean an application that is certainly targeting the vacancy and entices the employer to invite you, and only you! Make your offer concrete and offer it as a solution to the need this employer has, and you will be invited!

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