3 things I learned as a recruiter

I was on both sides: I was the recruiter and I searched for a job several times. Today I want to tell you about 3 valuable things I learned as a recruiter.

Don’t be a jerk – Treat someone as you want to be treated yourself

We all know the story: You contact a staffing agency and think there is a great connection. You get along great and a they do a thorough interview. The agency introduces you to one of their clients and a phone interview follows. You promise to follow up after the phone interview. After the phone interview you call the agency to follow up. The call goes to voicemail and they never reply to the message you sent. The response is radio silence. You call a couple of more times (al go to voicemail) and the emails you sent never gets a response. You never hear from the agency again.

I think this makes my point clear: Treat someone as you want to be treated yourself. Be respectful and keep your promises. Next to this, acting like mentioned here, is the worst advertisement you can have as an agency.

A decent follow-up is important to everyone

Let’s come back to the follow-up mentioned in the former paragraph. After an interview a decent follow-up is important, not only for the candidate. To me the follow-up on both sides is like networking: a good moment to strengthen the relationship. The relationships you build in your job search are part of your professional network – to the recruiter and to you – so make the most of the times you talk to each other.

As a recruiter the follow up with both sides – company and candidate – learned me a lot. It helps the candidate to grow in their performance in job interviews. Or you find out that the candidatie did great but someone else had more experience. As a recruiter, the follow up on the company side, often made requirements or preferences of the company more clear to me. A good way for me to scout the right candidate.

Motivation is everything

As a recruiter I often spoke to candidates who looked very motivated to find a new job. But when the moment arrived to schedule the job interview: a hiccup occured. They always wanted to reschedule the dates or times suggested. Without obvious reasons. A real disappointment when possibilities were discussed beforehand. When a job interview is scheduled: Say yes to the invitation and show up! Except emergencies there is no excuse for not being there.

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