3 reasons why coaching can create a kick start to your career!

One of my favourite statements is “You can only make change by taking action.” Action provides change and with change comes progress. Making change on your own is really difficult, as stated in the column of Australia Reach out. Personally, I could make good and big changes because of the feedback of a coach. Yes, even I – as a professional coach – use one!

This blog also contains the answer to one of the most asked questions: “Why do I need a coach to kick start my career?” Time to tell you 3 reasons why I think a coach can help you to give your career a kick start.


You cannot watch yourself
You can do a lot of things, but you cannot watch yourself. The Orange Lionesses – the Dutch Women’s soccer team who recently won the European Championships – can do many thing except one: watch themselves. The value of having a different set of eyes looking at what you’re doing cannot be overstated. The soccer team needs an extra set of eyes and so do you. That’s especially true when your job search requires different skills: resume writing, web searching, personal networking, and interviewing. And you simple cannot be great at all of this without good practice and good feedback.

But,” you might say, “I can’t afford a coach!” To that, I would counter that you cannot afford to be without a coach. Let me give you a personal example. When I hunted for a job I thought I had a fruitful resume and cover letter. As an HR-professional I thought I had seen enough resumes and letters to make a good one myself. Until I showed my results to my coach……. only after her check-up, my resume and cover letter became effective and fruitful. She gave me some honest and constructive feedback – which of course was hard to take in at that moment – with which I could make the changes needed. The objective look of a coach provides honest and constructive feedback which creates the kick start for the change you are looking for.


You need the different perspective
This tip matches the previous one. I can hear you thinking: “but my friends will help me in this process”. Yes they will, but they don’t have the dedicated time for you a coach has. And they perceive you as a friend and their feedback will that way . This is a totally different perspective as the perspective of a recruiter or team manager who wants to hire you. A good coach will ask you different questions, will push you to search for your why’s, how’s and what’s.

Some examples of questions I loved to ask while I was worked as a recruiter: “Why do you do what you are doing, how does is look if you are doing what you love most and what makes you different from your colleague.” It takes preparation and introspection to answer those questions in a way the recruiter and team manager will understand you properly. You need the extra set of eyes of coach to give you the different perspective and to help prepare the answers to the questions you will get in your job interviews. It is one thing to know how you act, it is a totally different thing to explain this to someone else. To find out all the answers on your own will take you a long time. Working with a coach can speed up your process, personal or professional, and help you get prepped in a constructive way.


You need a campaign mentor
In this rapidly changing world, the job market, the way you apply and working guidelines change in the same pace. I remember being on the job market after a while, doing what you probably started with too; I looked at the online resources and updated my resume. To end up with the conclusion: the web is not wisdom. And the web does not offer a campaign strategy. My job search became effectively AFTER a career coach gave me the tools to design a good job marketing strategy and learned me to tell my story effectively. She informed me how to make my job search successful, with all the new ways of applying, like how to be effective in networking and the use of video.

A career coach supplies you with tools so you can be successful. It gives you the kick start you need!And don’t forget, a lot of coaches have a connections with HR professionals or recruitment agencies too. They have their own way to be connected to the job market as well. It would not surprise me if your coach provides you with some good vacancies.

If I look back at my own personal process; I could not afford to do WITHOUT a coach. It provided me with the feedback I needed to progress and helped me to achieve my full potential. And I truly believe working with a coach can do the same for you.

Let me ask you a question: What do you need to give your career a kick start? Leave a comment!

P.S. Especially for those who want speed up their application process; take a look at the Career KickStarter Bootcamp I developed for you!


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