3 Reasons WHY a Personal Statement Is a Boost To Your Job Search + A GREAT DEAL!

Do you have a personal statement on your CV that tells a recruiter in a blink what your offer is to the company?  No? The workshop I recently hosted on this subject inspired me to write this blog which contains 3 reasons WHY you should have an offer an employer cannot refuse. And I have got an offer for you!

First of all, it was a challenge to turn this daunting subject into a interactive and fruitful workshop. Let me give you an impression of what happened:

The participants were divers: recently graduated, entrepreneurs (new bees and experienced), participants resuming their career after a period of taking care of the kids, just arrived in the Netherlands, already here a bit longer and still looking for the right employer. We had introverts and extroverts and the young and the more experienced ones.

And just after we hit the second part of the workshop you could see it happen to every one of them: THIS IS NOT GOING TO BE EASY! I could hear moaning and sighing throughout the room. WHY is it so hard? Because this is about YOU and the OFFER you can put on the table to the employer. And this often feels like “selling yourself” to a lot of people. Especially when you are more introvert and modest, this can be a hard thing to do. You don’t want to sound arrogant AND you want to make yourself CLEAR on your offer. Finding the right balance is a hard thing to do!

This part is what made me write an e-book that’s going to help you writing a fruitful personal statement – to entrepreneurs and job seekers. Together with my blog of November 8th it is going to deliver a fruitful personal statement, if you are ready to put some effort into it.

There were a few people in the room who still had hesitations IF they needed an personal statement: There is only one answer to that question: YES!

Even now when shortages on the job market arrive; nowadays employers are on the lookout for the right people in the right spot. Put this next to the 6 seconds (source: Ladder)

you have to make a first impression: A personal statement is a MUST, not a luxury. This being the most obvious reason to write a stunning personal statement,  I have 3 reasons more for you:

REASON 1  – YOU want to end up in the right place at the right time

The first BIG reasons you should have a personal statement which describes you in all your glory and which reflects your personality is the fact YOU want to end up in the right place at the right time. This is WHY you want to show all you’ve got in the 6 seconds you have to impress the recruiter – or if you are an entrepreneur your customers.

Your career is a chain of encounters in which you want to use and develop all your talents and you want to achieve your full potential. A job or employer that does not match your greatest wishes or career goals is not what you are after. THIS is for me the main reason WHY you should write a fruitful personal statement on your cv and LinkedIn profile.

Especially  if you are pursuing an international career in a total different country or if you are shifting careers (because you are an international or resuming your career after a break), you want to show what being an international offers the world and an employer.


You can compare the applying process with marketing & sales processes which makes your personal statement THE FIRST step of “getting to know each other”. Since you never get a second change to make a first impression, YOU WANT the first impression to be appealing and create the feeling of “this tastes like more”.

The marketing and sales process contains the steps of Know, Like, Trust and Buy and your application process is the same thing, with a different name tag. And YES, I don’t like sales and sounding like a sales person BUT I do like to deliver great services and want people to understand this RIGHT AWAY when they visit my profile or see my cv.

Writing a personal statement is working on your own personal brand pursuing your greatest wishes or goals; so why not use successful sales & marketing techniques. This is a great thing to do!

Getting back to the “this tastes like more”-feeling: it is up to you to create this feeling: YOU applied to this job because YOU think it is going to deliver a next step for you, YOU believe it is a superb match to your cv and career path, YOU think you are going to deliver great results and it is up to YOU to show other WHY they should feel the same way. And is this easy: no way and it never is going to be easy! Everything that comes close to your true self is never easy!


What do you remember better: the summary of someone’s working experience or an appealing story which gives you an impression of the person behind the cv. It is proven we remember stories better than a summary of things. A STORY connects and YOU want to connect. Connect to make your dreams come true, fulfill your wishes and reach your career goals. And your personal statement is the first connection you make, conscious or unconscious. An unexpected visitor to your LinkedIn profile can become a job offer or a good tip to elevate your job search. I always say to my clients: “a clear question and/or offer, gets a clear and appropriate answer.”

Think about this: if you were in the hiring seat; you would rather hire someone who you connect too, over someone you don’t right? A fruitful personal statement is going to help you to establish the first connection! And think about this: If you connect to someone, mismatches in qualifications are easier to overcome, right?  Because you connect and you think working together will  be a great experience! I like to work with people I connect with, don’t you?

A personal statement can be the difference between an invitation for an interview or no invitation, assuming your cv and motivational letter look stunning of course!

During the workshop I noticed it again:

Writing a personal statement is not easy!

This is why I designed an e-book for you.

I want to make this daunting char easy and more fun for you!

Buying the e-book means you can immediately start writing your personal statement and your profile summary for LinkedIn.

It is not only to support you in your job search, it is also to elevate it.

It is a complete “How to” guide and makes it easier to get this char done!

Are you still doubtful about your personal statement after reading the e-book?

Don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be happy to review it with you!


A step by step guide for a summary that reflects your personality!

What you get:

  • You get a hands-on guide to create your personal statement, step by step, sentence by sentence.
  • It is designed in A4 pdf format, easy to print it if you wish.
  • A helpful worksheet to write down your personal statement or summary in 3 parts.
  • Extra tips and “good to know” hints to make yourself stand out and avoid copying other’s mistakes.
  • A Free subscription to my newsletter with extra tips, articles and offers!

Mini e-book: What’s Your Added Value?

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