#2018 HERE I AM! This is what I achieve in 2018.

This is YOUR year for a blooming Career! 2018 HERE I AM!

I hope you gave 2018 a big warm welcome!

Because it IS really your year to make your Career Dreams come true; if you REALLY want to!

But first of all: I wish you a warm, bubbly and magical new year!

Can you feel the upcoming excitement of a change somewhere in your belly? It makes you a bit weak up there and at the same time you feel a bit lightheaded. The desire to live more fully in every aspect of your life, especially in your work. You want your work, your career, to be awesome, fun and exciting!

You realize: My work and career does not feel like this at all right now!

You made a change in your career one of your new year’s resolutions. If you would make a list of everything you achieved in 2018 today, one of the following is on it:

  • Made a Career change,
  • Resumed my Career (finally!)
  • Found a new awesome job
  • Made THE next step in my career I really wanted

You want to start today, right now. And you can do it, I believe it! I can hear your mind going like: “O, hell YES, this is one of my 2018 achievements”, followed by “Pffff….this scares me BIG TIME, in a good way” and “I really don’t know how to make this one come true, let alone where to start.I am here to help you out.

And trust me:



And let me tell you:


By making your career goals one of your new year’s resolutions you already made a start to achieve it. You really did. Take some time to let this settle in: YOU ALREADY STARTED. If you still don’t believe it, don’t really feel it, you can always repeat this phrase a few times.

And even though I love the excitement that comes with a fresh start; like a lot of people I can feel a bit nervous and jumpy at the same time. WHY? This happens to me when I ask myself: “Am I going to able to unfold all my new plans and ideas?” I can imagine you do too. The hardest thing about making the achievements you wrote on your list become the truth is to make them stick. To keep pursuing them.

Here’s three ways to write a list of achievements or new year’s resolutions that stick:


Let your imagination work with you! Our imagination is a weird thing; it works with us. This means that if you really can imagine things and keep repeating this image to yourself (or draw a picture of it), it is going to be the truth. Use it!

So imagine what your new career or job looks like, not only the big picture, also the smallest details. Details of the activities you do, the atmosphere of the building you work in, the buzz in the office or place you work in, the people you work with, everything! Imagine which languages you will use, how the smell of the coffee is, the meetings you will host. Do you cycle to work or use public transport?

REALLY FEEL the feeling that comes along with this new career or job: Does it make you sparkle and dance through the hallways? Does it make you feel balanced and happy to go out to work every day, sing in the shower?

If you want me to help you with this part of your career change, I warmly welcome you to my workshop on January 17th.


This aligns with the previous point. If YOU think YOU can accomplish it, YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE THEM TRUTH! This means you must have the feeling you can reach the achievements you write down on your list. Make them CONCRETE. Vaguely described dreams and goals are not going to make it till May, they will leave you by the end of January – this year. How to stay close to home?

I’ll give you an example:
If you career goal is to switch your career to financial planning, while currently working as a software designer: It might be too ambitious to want a job as financial planner within one year without any knowledge to fall back on. Finding and starting an education that allows you to accomplish this goal within a few years might be a reachable achievement. The next step can be finding a job that aligns with you education. Or do voluntary work to get some experience in this area of expertise.

There are only a few people who are able to run a marathon without training for it. Most of the people who run a marathon – or even half a marathon – trained hard for it to make this happen. They started out with the dream, but STAYED CLOSE TO HOME in achieving this dream. They read about it, they made a schedule for training that was doable for them and BOOM: the first step to making their dreams was there. I never thought I was a runner, started out with running from lamppost to lamppost Lamppost to lamppost was CLOSE TO HOME for me; I could do that. I ended up running half a marathon.


We often treat the things we want to accomplish pretty serious and failure can hit us hard. While working on your career change or in the process of getting your new DREAM job, there will be disappointments and rejections.

You will make mistakes along the way. Please remember:


You often learn the most of your biggest mistakes. Seeing all the actions you take as one big experiment on your way to your achievements often helps to get the pressure off. Experiments often go wrong and that’s OK. We can laugh about it and see what we’ve learned from it. We just start a new experiment, after improving our methods used, right?

Why do we handle cooking a nice dinner for our friends this way, but take the steps we make in our career changes far more seriously? Making changes in your career must be fun too, right? YOU are the only person who can make it fun! Seeing the process as one big experiment gets the pressure of it – at least for me it does – it allows you to try new things out and see if they work for you.

Every step you take in fulfilling your career wishes is one big experiment. If you tried something and failed; evaluate, adjust and try over!

Making a change in life, no matter what change it is, is like this quote: “Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.

You don’t have to do it alone. I am here to help you!

My new workshop on January 17th is totally on this subject. It is going to help you to fully tune in to your wishes for your career and align to them. I will share 3 ways on how to do this. All the information shared in the workshop will be shared with you in an e-book afterwards. You can sign up for the workshop here.

Entering this workshop grants you access to the new closed Career Connection Community on Facebook. In this community you can ask me all your questions about the changes you want to make in your career. And that’s not all: here I am going to share movies with great tips on how to pursue your career goals and dreams. The great thing is: you are not only going to have me as your Career Coach, the community will think with you as well. So reserve your seat here! 

After all this talk about 2018 achievements: you might wonder what is on my achievements list. Let me share my list with you:

  • a blooming business with involved customers
  • 2 wonderful and active holidays
  • I joined singing lessons

As to point 1. – I need you help for this. Would you like to help me out? You can do this by telling me what your single biggest career challenge is right now. I composed a small survey, will you take 5 minutes of your time to answer this question. You can do this here.

REMEMBER: if you need help on achieving your full potential: I am here to help you!

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